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Why You Should Look Forward To Aging!

This is what the general consensus is. When you are young, you grow in strength and wisdom each day. You get to your 20's lacking some wisdom but still gaining vitality. In your 30's you begin to plateau, and by your 40's or 50's you begin your slow decline. You can hope only to age gracefully, as you've now acquired great wisdom, but can only share it with others as you prepare to dine with Father Time.

At least, that's the general consensus.

People like Bud Jeffries, Melody Schoenfeld, Eric Guttman, Frank DiMeo, Peter Ragnar, Rik Brown and more show you how you should really age: ACTIVELY if not gracefully. All of the people I've listed here are 40 or older. All of them are not only active in their strength pursuits, but also improving and increasing in strength. I hear people my age all the time speak of plateaus or “losing gains” while these people overlook the plateaus and trudge ahead on the mountain of life. And let me tell you, it only goes up from here.

Indeed, aging should be something that all people look forward to. People are often embarrassed to reach a certain age. If you see someone with a youthful appearance at 50, most would say “Wow, you look young for a 50 year old!” I understand that it's a compliment, but to me, that's what 50 SHOULD look like: youthful, active, and growing, not hoping that your kids will find a good nursing home for you in the next ten years.

As a 20 year old, many people say I simply don't understand how aging works, and I'll know what they mean when I'm 40+. Health just declines naturally as you age, that's how it goes. With as many toxins as people take in each day, I highly doubt that many people decline naturally, but perhaps I don't know how aging works, so I'll take my advice from people who do.

That's Melody, Bud, and Eric above. All in their 40's. Look at the pictures. Do any of them look like they're declining in health or vitality? No? Maybe they're not old enough, so let's look further.

Rik Brown top left, Frank DiMeo top right, and Peter Ragnar bottom right, in their 50's, 60's, and 70's, respectively.

These are not the people you'll see in the Depends aisle any time soon. These are people who have transformed their own levels of energy, and continue to reach personal records at 40, 50, 60, even 70+.

Imagine feeling just like, or even better than you did in your youth at 40+? Alright, stop imagining and read here. Bud Jeffries, Melody Schoenfeld, and Eric Guttman are doing a series of workshops called “Crushing 40! Making 40 and Beyond your New 18!” More details as the workshops develop, but these workshops will truly show you that, indeed, it only goes up from here. Your choice: stay on a plateau until you decline, or climb the mountain.  

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