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How Bad Do You Want It? (VIDEO)

I came across an interesting martial arts motivation video that interested me greatly (I've shared the video below). 

It got me thinking about the state of health in America. There are numerous diseases that affect the American public in sometimes terminal ways, that could be absolutely prevented through exercise. 

The amount of people I've spoken with who don't want their kids to exercise because it might "stunt their growth", but don't care about whether a McDonald's meal stunts their kids' lifespans is absurd.

So seeing a video of young people engaged in incredible physical culture, and showing powerful displays of lean, functional muscle is refreshing to say the least. The group is called Invincible Worldwide, and they operate in Australia. 

Furthermore, I'm a thumb pushup fanatic (did the site banner not give that away?), so seeing those banged out in the video is enough martial arts motivation for me to get training.

The strongest motivation should come from within, but there's nothing wrong with a little external motivation from time to time.