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Interviewing the Power Seekers - Matti Marzel

Some incredible feats of Matti Marzel

"I didn't choose the physical culture lifestyle...the physical culture lifestyle chose ME"

This time, the ferocious beast of strength training, Matti Marzel! Now Matti, you have been strength training for years, and you once trained up for a decent amount of bulk. Why did you cut down for deceptive strength instead of continuing to pursue a bulking training style?

Ok man, where to begin… First of all, there is a big misconception out there in our realm about my training and about the amount of years that I’ve been training, period.

Allow me to explain myself further. Lets rewind the clock back 7 years ago to 2006. Now back then I was still a very arrogant and over-confident kid who thought that he could do ANYTHING that he saw others do and perform around him as well (and I’m talking about Physical Training and Feats of Strength in particular right now). So naturally, when I witnessed a couple of my fellow peers perform pullups, pushups, handstand pushups and 1-legged squat for REPS, I thought to myself: Well, whoop-di-doo, big fucking deal. I can easily do that as well, NO sweat whatsoever!

Well, that day I woke the fuck up and smelled the reality. To say that I was weak as shit, was an understatement! How weak was I back then, you might ask?! Well, that’s a damn good and legit question… And the answer might suprise you, but I was so damn weak at the age of 17, that I COULDN’T even perform ONE single pullup or chinup! That’s right, I didn’t even have a pure BASE Strength in me to perform one measly rep in the pullup or chinup, not even on a standard 1” inch bar. Now that was the shitty situation back then in my own training---or LACK of training, at that.

And next to NOT being able to perform even one measly rep in the pullup/chinup whatsoever, I also couldn’t perform 20 pushups in a row, and I’m talking about standard pushups with both arms and with flat palms on the ground, which was even worse in my honest opinion. And back then, all of this shit backfired on me really hard and it pissed me off in a MAJOR way, to say the very least!

So from that day on in late 2006, I told myself: I’m going to train HARD and brutal as hell to achieve at LEAST 1 pullup/chinup and 50 pushups in a row. And I did succeed in it in the end after 6 months of continues training, and by then it was already 2007 and the summer was closing in as well. But of course, back then I didn’t know anything about progressive resistance training and was mostly following blind in the advertisements, lies, scams, sceams, empty promises and bullshit from the bodybuilding magazines. Unfortunately though, is that it took me yet another 6 months to get OUT of that freaking mess and to start training more productive, effective and efficient.

Long story short, without turning this entire answer into a freaking text book, I would like to wrap up this misconception about my “strength training journey for years” and put a definitive finish on it.

Bottom line = I truly DIDN’T start to train very effectively, efficiently and functional as hell since April of 2010, and that was AFTER my release from the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), where I served as an Combat Soldier, so there you have it, my friend. That means that I’m only training in the way that I do nowadays for a little over 3 and a half years by now… No longer than that, period. Again, I just had to clear this up and mention it nontheless. For the simple reason that I, personally, do NOT look upon the years that I trained BEFORE April of 2010 as being functional NOR anything related to LEGIT Strength Training whatsoever, excluding the time that I had to train under the rules and regulations of the IDF, of course.

One Armed Pushup

Now, with that being said, let’s continue with the next question that you asked me. Which was about WHY I chose to train for DECEPTIVE Strength instead of continuing to train for bulk?!

Well, the answer is actually pretty damn simple and straight-forward, it was because of the Legendary Bruce Lee himself. Back in 2007, before I joined the IDF, I stumbled upon a Bruce Lee movie from back in the days, which was the classic movie, “The Way of the Dragon”. You know, the one where he kills Chuck Norris, owns a gang of thugs with a pair of nunchucks like a BOSS, and where he spreads his lat muscles like a king cobra… Yeah, that one!

Ever since I stumbled upon that movie back in 2007, at the age of 18… I was completely in awe and inspired from his ripped, shredded, wirey and sinewy physique! And From that day on, I decided right there and then to completely CHANGE and alter my training goals, training approach and way of training to achieve the same phenomenal and awesome physique as the Little Dragon had developed over the years of focused, intensive, brutal and dilligent training. To say that I was inspired BEYOND words and meassures, was one helluva understatement!

Four-Finger L-Sit

Now, back then around that time the movie 300 ALSO came out and became a MAJOR hit throughout the world, and especially because of the training of the 300 “Spartans” behind the scenes of the movie. Which, to be completely honest, looked to me to be damn good and off the hook back then. Although I must ALSO admit that I later on figured out that it was basically ALL crossfit for the MOST part. And as such, I dropped that type of training after only 4 months (which later on, proved to be one helluva good move on my part), as I DIDN’T feel nor see the phenomenal results that was promised to me in the longrun. But then again, looking back at that time, wasn’t that suprising neither. Because after all, let’s not forget that we’re talking about “crossfit”.

Long story short, by then I already joined the IDF and went away to Israel and disappeared completely off the map for 3 years, but that’s neither here nor there and IF I would talk about ALL of my experiences and life in the Israeli Army, then it would take me at LEAST 50 more pages to write about, so I’ll leave it at that for now… And besides, IF I talked to you about all of it in the first place, then I’d have to kill you afterwards, just saying!

No joke...

So my definitive and ultimate journey towards ripped, shredded, wirey and sinewy muscles that NOT only looked STRONG, but also were STRONG as hell, started back in 2007 when I stumbled upon the “Way of the Dragon” movie from Bruce Lee. Since then I was inspired, motivated, excited and psyched the hell up to learn EVERYTHING that there is to learn about the Legend himself. And as such, I purchased ALL of his books that I could lay my hands on! And I gotta say that ALL the amount of money that I spend on the materials of Bruce Lee was money well spend and worthy in the longrun, 100%.

And besides, I absolutely loved and STILL love the idea of being WAY stronger and more powerful than you look, and thus having DECEPTIVE STRENGTH to the fullest and utmost, instead of being in the opposite situation when you look way stronger than you really are. And since I know you by now, I’m absolutely 100% positive that you feel the same way about this stuff and that you look at it in the same way as well, Jarell!

Quite right, Matti!

4 Finger V-Sit

And last but definitely NOT least, to wrap up this long as hell answer, I’ll give you my favourite part about having DECEPTIVE strength and thus being way stronger than you actually look, by none other than the Iron Master himself, Arthur Saxon. And this part that was written down by the Oldetime Strongman Legend himself, hits home like nothing else and explains everything that one truly needs to know about developing deceptive and INSANE strength on a pound for pound basis, have at it!

BONE AND SINEW---The Real Secret of Developing Muscle and Strength

No matter how large a muscle may be, if it lacks the coordinating power of sinew the muscle is useless. It is like cutting a ship adrift from its anchor. It is the power of the sinews to sustain the pull caused by muscle contraction that really makes great strength possible. Every man of great strength possesses thick, cordy sinews.

The Iron Master himself then continues...

It is VITALLY important to know that the system under which you train will not only build muscle and power, but will thicken the bones and ligaments and give greater sinew adhesion space onto the bones.”

So now that you heard it directly from the Iron Master himself, I’de say that nothing else needs be said anymore. ‘Nuff said, I rest my case!

You manage to set PR's that you often break just WEEKS afterwards, sometimes DAYS it seems. In a world where plateaus are almost expected now, how do you find yourself constantly advancing your strength in such a manner?

OK, this is a very good and interesting question, my friend. As a matter of fact, it ALL starts in the MIND first and foremost. It’s very simple but definitely NOT easy whatsoever.

First of all, I do NOT believe in training “plateaus” at all, NEVER have from the beginning. I know this may sounds weird as hell and super strange, but that’s just how it is and always has been for me. The interesting thing though, is that because I NEVER believed in plateaus in the first place, I NEVER had any problems nor trouble with them whatsoever.

One Armed Pushup on A Hammer.

.....A HAMMER.

Of course there were times when I progressed SLOWER than usual on a particular exercise or feat of strength that I was doing at that time, that’s absolutely true. But MOST of this, if not ALL of it, had to do with me just going apeshit crazy and OVER-training that particular exercise and feat of strength for months on out on a DAILY basis with NO mercy. So it had NOTHING to do with hitting a so-called “training plateau” whatsoever, in the end it simply had EVERYTHING to do with over-training and over-doing that particular exercise and feat of strength ‘till the nervous system got OVER-heated and over-used. And as such, this shit will inevitably lead into LESS progress in the longrun (IF it all) and some injuries as well---And I speak from nothing but personal experiences with this stuff.

Now, back to hitting one PR after the other on a regular basis. To me it’s only logical to do so, I truly see NO other way whatsoever. To me it’s the ONLY option possible. And because I have this UNSTOPPABLE mentality of an ETERNAL winner in me, I always succeed in the longrun. For the simple fact that I first saw (and still see) it in my own MIND. And you know how the oldschool saying goes, right?! Well, if you don’t know, allow me to break it down for you, it goes like this:

Whatever you think and imagine VIVIDLY in your own mind, will be precieved by your body as being REAL. Your body CANNOT tell the difference between what has been visualized and imagined vividly and what has REALLY happened.

Now, with realizing this simple FACT and understanding it to the FULLEST, I always take major and FEROCIOUS advantage of it every single time that I train, period. Of course, one can and should ALWAYS advance to even higher levels and realms of mental, emotional and spiritual training (alongside the physical training, of course). But this just shows how you how freaking SIMPLE it actually is to incorporate more levels of MENTAL and EMOTIONAL training into your physical training regime. But again, notice that I said “simple”, but it’s definitely NOT easy whatsoever. At least not in the beginning, but with more and more mental and emotional training time under your belt, it sure as hell WILL get easier and easier in the longrun.

Hand bent Crescent Wrench. With dedicated training, even THAT becomes easier in the long run.

And all of this relates to yet another oldschool and famous saying, that goes like this:

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!

So my question to you and EVERYONE else who is reading this right now, is this: IF you know and understand all of this, and since you realize that it has been proved over and over again throughout the ages by countless physical culturists, strongmen and even scientists, then how come almost NONE of you is using this to the FULLEST and to your best advantages in your own training regime?!

A damn good and legit question indeed. And most of you will probably answer because it’s “PHYSICAL” Training, so what the hell does “MENTAL” and “EMOTIONAL” Training have to do with any of it?! Yeah, as a matter of fact, I’ve been asking this question myself as well back in the days. Although in the back of my head, I ALWAYS knew that this was the truth and that I had been training in the mental and emotional realms way MORE than I even realized myself, even when I DIDN’T train in a functional and results-producing ways that I do nowadays.

Another very interesting and thought provoking FACT that you ALL must realize, is that ALL the Elite level athletes, strongmen and physical culturists out there (including myself) will tell you that at LEAST 90% of their Physical Training is MENTAL. Yeah, you read that right: At LEAST 90%, that alone should be more than enough food for thought for the rest of your lives.

So bottom line and in a nutshell: Since I’ve been fascinated, hyped up and very interested in learning and knowing more and more about Mental and Emotional training in particular, I’ve been seeking help, advice and coaching on it from the BEST of the BEST out there. And as you already know by now (or must know by now), the BEST of the BEST dude out there to learn from when it comes down to mental and emotional training for physical training and how to progress with it in a systematic approach, is our fellow Strongman comrade, Physical Culturist and friend, Logan Christopher.

And since I’ve been a dedicated student of Logan Christopher when it comes down to Mental and Emotional training for 2 full years now, I can honestly say, WITHOUT a single shred of a doubt, that it has helped my training in multiple ways and SKYROCKET my progress and gains even more than ever before. And I’ve been combining the mental training and emotional training that I learned from Logan, and STILL learn from Logan ‘till this very day, with my OWN ferocious approach to mental training and emotional training. And the awesome results speak for themselves. Hence the reason WHY I break, smash and obliterate one PR after the other on a weekly, and like you said, sometimes DAILY basis.

Add to all of this the FACT that I ALWAYS fantasize and visualize about the training and feats of strength that I do on a daily basis in an OBSESSIVE way with NO doubt in my mind whatsoever, and there’s NO other option for me but to SUCCEED every single time!

You know, the funny and interesting thing about the words that you speak and the thoughts that you think, is that they are REAL, even though you cannot see nor touch them whatsoever, they’re STILL there and they’re as REAL as it gets. And as such, the words that you SPEAK to yourself and the thoughts you THINK in the longrun and especially on a daily basis, will eventually determine how succesful and lethal you’ll be with the training and feats of strength that you do… or not, it’s ALL about to you!

And speaking of thoughts and how they’re things, listen up and check out what the Legendary Bruce Lee himself had to say about this matter back in the days:

Thoughts are things, the possession of anything begins in the mind.”

He then also mentions the major importance of IMAGINATION and how it helped him in the longrun to achieve all of his training goals and feats of super human strength (among the many other things that he achieved and became phenomenally succesful in). And I quote the Legend word for word:

Recognizing the need for sound plans and ideas for the attainment of my desires, I will develop my imagination by calling upon it daily for help in the formation of my plans.”

So that’s it man, I ALWAYS succeed in smashing, obliterating and OWNING the living shit out of new PR’s on a regular basis because I first and foremost BELIEVE in it 100%, without a single doubt in my mind whatsoever, NONE. I then visualize and imagine it in my OWN mind like there’s NO tommorow as if it really happened in reality, and thus I make it as VIVID as possible. Then, after I’ve done all of that, I instill some damn good anchors in my subconscious mind that I can ALWAYS use and call upon in an instance whenever the hell I need them.

That’s basically it, my friends. You know how the oldschool saying goes:

You’re either your own best friend or your own worst enemy.”

And this is absolutely true to the fullest. Because the MIND is a phenomenally POWERFUL and STRONG asset that can either be used to Ferocious and awesome extends in your own training, or it can work AGAINST you in Ferocious and major ways and thus it can literally DESTROY your progress and gains before you even started. In the end it all boils down to what you personally believe, visualize, think and command it to do for you. Again, it can be one helluva powerful ally that can be used at your own disposal, or it can be one helluva powerful enemy that can destroy your gains and work against you---Either way, YOU control your mind and thoughts, and nobody else but you, remember that!

Also, the last thing that I wanna mention over here is that although I’m training mentally and emotionally like a Ferocious madman and obsessive maniac, that DOESN’T mean that I never fail however. As I sure as hell fail on a regular basis as well. But out of EVERY failure that happens to me I grow STRONGER, more resilient, tougher and more lethal in the longrun. As a matter of fact, although I HATE failure and CAN’T fucking stand it whatsoever, I am NOT afraid of it. Neither am I going to stop striving for insane, out-of-this-world and Super Human feats of strength because I failed a at them a couple of times.

Remember, my friends, out of every countless failures that happen in your training down the line, there aboslutely WILL be a VICTORY in the end. And that ONE victorious attempt is worth ALL of the failed attempts thus far. As a matter of fact, ALL of those failures have lead to this ONE victorious attempt, and you should be damn proud of it!

And as always, the Legendary Bruce Lee has some cool wisdown about this matter as well:

Don't fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” 

Bottom line = DON’T fear failure at all, but NEVER welcome it neither. ‘Nuff said, I rest my case!

You suffered a massive injury to your wrist tendons from cut glass, yet you continue to rehabilitate it and find other ways to train. Are there any benefits you've found while recovering from the injury? Or new training goals?

Yeah, Unfortunately I did suffer a MASSIVE injury to the tendons of my right wrist, to my great dissapointment. As a matter of fact, I completely shredded and cut open 2 tendons and 2 ligaments in my right wrist, it was freaking terrible. Which obviously pissed me the fuck off and angered me BEYOND any meassures back then, and it STILL does right now ‘till this very day, to tell you the truth. Although I’m NOWHERE near the level of being pissed the fuck off and angered about it in a major way as I was back then at the end of April of 2013 when it first occurred all of a sudden out of the blue! But safe to say that this shitty injury messed up EVERYTHING in my Training that I had been doing up ‘till that point, big time! Especially when it came down to GRIP and Hand Strength intensive exercises and feats of strength, which were and still are amongst my favourite exercises and feats of strenght out there, hands down!

Now, with all of that being said, I mentioned the fact about the GRIP and Hand Strength intensive exercises and feats of strength being amongst my favourite exercises and feats of strength out there to do by FAR, simply because I COULDN’T do any of them all of a sudden in a blink of an eye. And as such, it truly FORCED me to re-think and revaluate my training goals for the time being. Especially since I COULDN’T perform any Grip and Hand Strength intensive exercises and feats of strength at that time when the shitty injury was still fresh and had just occurred. At least NOT the ones that require 2 hands, instead of just 1 hand, which for at LEAST 95%, ALL of them do require BOTH hands, as you already know.

One Arm, One Finger Gymnastic Bridge Hold

Again, the fact that I had to re-think and revaluate my training goals for the time being in a major way, was something that I NEVER anticipated in the first place. But I had to man up and deal with it NO matter what! The fucked up injury that occurred to me on the 25th of April of 2013 came outta nowhere, like I already mentioned, and it literally FORCED me to go into complete different directions with my training goals and feats of strength, whether I wanted it or not. Back then the choice WASN’T mine to make whatsoever. 

Heck, I even had to go into directions that I normally wouldn’t have gone into or even THINK about going into in the first place. And as the famous saying goes by the Legendary Dutch Football player, Johan Cruijff: “Elke nadeel heeft z’n voordeel”, which literally means, translated into English:

Every disadvantage has its advantage”.

So therefore I simple had NO other choice but to embrace this famous saying of the Dutch Football Legend himself and take it to heart at the same time while incorporating it into my training regime as well!

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that there were any benefits that I found while recovering, and while STILL recovering from my shitty injury while I’m typing this right now. Except for the fact that I went even deeper and further into the awesome realm of practicing and mastering Muscle Control. But other than that, I would say that there weren’t any benefits whatsoever. Again, the fact that I dove deeper and further into the whole Muslce Control realm, was a simple outcome of my shitty injury. But in the longrun I would have gone deeper and further into Muscle Control no matter what, whether I was injured or not. As that was one of my MAJOR goals for the year of 2013 anyway. The shitty injury just pushed me towards that direction faster and earlier on, that’s all there is to it basically.

So you could call this a “benefit” if you will, but then again you should also observe the major setback and NEGATIVE shit that I had to deal with on the other hand, which is the damn injury in this case. See what I’m saying over here?! In other words: The pay-off for the EXTRA focus and deeper concentration into the realm of Muslce Control WASN’T truly worth it in the end, and neither was the extra Strength and Mind-Body Connection that came with it. As I could have waited maybe 4-6 months longer ‘till I started to dive deeper into the Muscle Control realm (which was my original plan IF I hadn’t occurred the injury. As I had to OBLITERATE, destroy and terminate other Feats of Strength on sight first and foremost), and I would have gotten the same results outta it as well, maybe even BETTER and more Ferocious results. The fact that I had to get injured in a severe way before I started to dive deeper and further into Muscle Control didn’t give me any POSITIVE outcome in the longrun, and I can easily say this right now, because I’ve been injured now for over 8 months.

And next to practicing a whole lot MORE Muscle Control in the meantime, I would also say that the severe injury forced me into another direction in my training journey that I HAVEN’T really been going deep into whatsoever. Which, if you’ve followed my journey into healing this piece of shit injury, you would know what I’m talking about in particular.

But for the ones that aren’t familiar with my journey thus far into healing and recovering from my injury. Then I’ll tell you what it is that I’ve been forced to focus and concentrate upon in a major way, and that is FLAT back lifting, specifically when it comes down to exercises like the Deadlift, Good Mornings and Barbell Squats. And I actually got some awesome advice from none other than my good friend, fellow Strongman and Physical Culturist, Bud Jeffries about FLAT back lifting that I normally would never even pay any attention to nor consider of any importance.

So long story short, I’ve been focusing and concentrating now MORE than ever on my FLAT back lifting, instead of the ROUND back lifting, which I’m notoriously known for at being an ELITE expert! Now that was yet another one of the major so-called “benefits” (if you can even call it that) that I was FORCED to work on because of the shitty injury that occurred to me. But again, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “benefit”, more like a FORCED weakness that I absolutely HAD to work on for the first couple of months like a madman, while my right arm was still in a cast, and therefore complete useless for the time being.

And besides, another reason why I do NOT consider this a “benefit” whatsoever, is the fact that I already knew and realized that I had to work on my FLAT back lifting in the longrun NO matter what. Now whether I had occurred the injury or not, I still had to put in some major time and pay extreme focus to my FLAT back lifting one way or another down the line. So again, therefore I do NOT consider it a “benefit” that I had to focus and concentrate on FLAT back lifting all of a sudden, as I would have gotten up to that point in the longrun anyway, with or without the injury. The injury itself however, was the reason that I had to focus and concentrate on it SOONER, rather than later, just like the case was with practicing Muscle Control. That’s all there is to it in the end.

And speaking of NEW Training goals, as a matter of fact, I DID find a couple of new training goals that I normally wouldn’t have thought about. But those training goals WEREN’T (and still aren’t) the ones that I normally would’ve considered to be the MOST important and MOST crucial ones at that moment. For example, the ONE-Arm Stand-to-Stand Bridges that I did for 124 reps in 1 go, or the 5 minute ONE-Arm Gymnastic Bridge Hold in 1 go. Those weren’t feats of strength nor training goals that I truly had my mind and focus set upon BEFORE I got injured, not at all. And the truth of the matter is that NOBODY has seen the training goals and feats of strength that I TRULY had my mind and focus set upon in these past couple of months.

As a matter of fact, I had my mind on 2-Arm and 1-Arm Fingertips Pushups and Handstand Pushups that are on the supreme level of the Shaolin Monks, as well as climbing maneuvers and steel bending OWNAGE that are on the edge of madness. But again, I COULDN’T and still can’t perform any of it because of the shitty injury that occurred all of a sudden and fucked everything up. But one thing I will promise all of you over here, I WILL succeed in obliterating and terminating these feats on sight in the future once I AM completely healed and fully recovered. I guarantee you that much!

So again, the “new” training goals that I did find, where the ones that I was forced to do and had NO control over whatsoever, just like the case with the weaknesses that I had to work on SOONER than planned. The ONE-Arm Stand-to-Stand Bridges that I did for 124 reps in 1 go and the 5 minute ONE-Arm Gymnastic Bridge Hold in 1 go were Feats of Strength that were damn cool and dope as hell, NO doubt about that. But those were 2 Feats of Strength that I could only perform with my LEFT arm, and therefore I was very LIMITED in the amount of Ferocious Feats of Strength that I could perform at that time.

As far as the other training goals and feats of strength that I performed along the way up ‘till this point, NONE of them however were planned in the back of my mind BEFORE I got injured. With the ONLY exception of the Phonebook Shredding Feats of Strenght that I performed. Now those were the Ferocious Feats of Strength that I ALSO planned on obliterating whether I was injured or not. But other than that I performed feats of strength while on the go with NO planning whatsoever and while being inspired and motivated by other LEGIT Physical Culturists and Strongmen out there.

With the BEST examples out there of course being the 2 awesome Feats of Strength that I observed from Bud Jeffries. I’m obviously talking about the 1-Arm Pushup on a upside down 16KG Kettlebell, and about the 1-Arm Pushup on a Hammer! Those 2 were damn cool and you could consider those 2 “NEW” training goals, although they were never planned from the get-go.

And before I wrap up this answer and move onto the next one, I would also like to add that I did a whole lot MORE Static Isometric specific exercises as well, but that goes without saying!

How has your network of friends in physical culture helped your own strength training? How do you help in return?

The network of friends and fellow comrades in the LEGIT Physical Culture realm has helped me grow and INCREASE my own strength, power, endurance, explosiveness and durability to levels I NEVER thought were even possible to begin with.

Heck, ever since I stumbled upon Bud Jeffries and Logan Christopher in particular in 2010, whom I also consider to be my personal mentors and coaches in the Physical Culture realm that we both live, breathe, eat and sleep, I have been increasing and mutlipying EVERY single asset and quality of my Ferocious training like there’s NO tommorow, and I keep on continue to do so ‘till this very day, like a BOSS!

Now maybe I sound all macho and whatnot when I say that shit, but it’s the absolute and undeniable truth, and I DON’T even have to convince anyone out there of these FACTS anymore, as my Feats of Strength thus far in the past 2 and a half years speak for themselves. All you gotta do is go to my official Youtube page and check out ALL the LEGIT feats of strength that I achieved and DESTROYED thus far. And after you checked out all of them, then get back at me and tell me how they’re NOT legit to begin with and what I’ve said thus far is a crock load of shit… C’mon I dare ya, I double dare ya, muthafucka! And like the oldschool saying goes: Actions speak louder than words ever will!

And next Bud & Logan, I also got inspired and motivated by other individuals and LEGIT Strongmen in the Physical Culture realm, such as Stan Tomajko, Dennis Rogers, Slim “The Hammer Man” Farman, Chris Rider, Mike Bruce, Adam Glass, Jedd Johnson, Pat Povilaitis, Ross Enamait, Andrew Durniat, Mike Rinderle, David Wigren, Ryan Pitts, Zach Even-Esh, Elliot Hulse and more! All of these Physical Culturists and Strongmen have helped me out in a MAJOR way with my own training and feats of strength through the awesome advices, helpful tips and phenomenal coaching that I got from them personally over the years.

As a matter of fact, WITHOUT all of these modern-day Physical Culturists and Strongmen at my side, as well as the Oldetime Physical Culturists and Strongmen from the Golden Era, I would have NEVER achieved and OWNED my training and the feats of strength that I do nowadays in the way that I do, and that’s the ultimate truth.

The way that I help and give back in return is very damn simple, it’s to do the exact SAME to them as has been done onto me.

What has been your biggest motivation while training?

My biggest motivation while training are actually MORE than just one.

My first and biggest motivation is that my longterm and future goal is to become the World’s STRONGEST and most POWERFUL man on a pound-for-pound bodyweight basis, EVER! Yeah, you read that correct… And if that sounds egoistic as hell and all macho bravado and whatnot, then so be it! But that’s just what it is, that’s my longterm and ULTIMATE goal as to WHY I train as Ferociously and hardcore to the bone as I do on a daily basis!

Now, my second biggest motivation as to why I train is that I wanna be even STRONGER, more powerful and even MORE badass to the bone at an “older” age than I am right now at this very moment at the mere age of 25. You see, that’s another important and crucial thing that almost NOBODY looks at and takes serious anymore when they train nowadays. That is, most trainees and athletes out there nowadays just want to lose weight or get as big and muscular as possible, without EVER paying attention to their longterm health and longevity for one freaking second. Which to me, personally, is the #1 and biggest mistake that one could ever make, hands down.

As a matter of fact, it’s complete freaking MADNESS to not pay any attention to your longterm health and longevity whatsoever… As that’s even MORE important and crucial in the longterm and in the FAR future, better believe it---Heck, all you gotta do is take a good look at the most powerful, most lethal and most DEADLY modern-day warriors and physical culturists out there nowadays, the Shaolin Monks.

Now, when you pay close attention to the lifestyle of the Shaolin Monks that lived in the Shaolin Temple in the ancient times, and even to the ones that STILL live in the Shaolin Temple today in particular, then you’ll notice in an instance that they pay very close and MAJOR attention to their longterm health and longevity. And they do this in the form of meditation, Qi-Gong, eating a super healthy and STRONG diet, hanging upside down etc. The Shaolin Monks and even the Oldetime Strongmen Legends from the Golden Era knew the longterm and crucial importance of taking care of their health and longevity when it came down to their ULTIMATE strength, power, endurance, stamina, explosiveness and durability, in comparrison to the modern-day fools and uninitiated pencil necks of today, who are completely clueless!

And the third and FINAL biggest motivation as to why I train as Ferociously and Brutal in the way that I train nowadays, is because I also wanna inspire and motivate OTHER unique individuals and LEGIT strongmen out there to push (and pull) the boundaries even further and to raise the bar even higher than they ever thought was possible before!

I wanna inspire and see other future-to-be Strongmen and Physical Culturist out there, such as yourself, to reach levels and realms of strength, endurance, power, stamina, durability and explosiveness that they never even thought was possible before in their entire lives… And as such, when I inspire and motivate them in a MAJOR way in the longrun, they’ll continue to do the same and pass it onto other future-to-be Strongmen and Physical Culturists in the future!

As you can see, it’s an NEVER-ending cycle of awesomeness and cool brotherhood that we form over here in the longrun! As you know by now, I’ve been inspired big time and in ways I CANNOT even begin to describe by the Oldetime Strongmen Legends and Immortals of the Golden Age, such as Arthur Saxon, Bruce Lee, The Mighty Atom, Hermann Goerner, George F. Jowett, Louis Cyr, George Hackenschmidt, Otto Arco, Maxick, Sig Klein, Paul Anderson, Doug Hepburn, Bob Peoples, John Grimek, Siegmund Breitbart, Jack LaLanne and MORE!

All of these Oldetime Strongmen Legends and Giants of the past, whom are all gone by now, have inspired and motivated ME, personally to reach for the levels and realms that I’m aiming at nowadays with my Ferocious training… And here’s the thing, they’ve done ALL of it WITHOUT even talking to me directly nor speaking to me on the phone whatsoever. They have ALL inspired and motivated me in a MAJOR way, and keep on inspiring and motivating me in a MAJOR way through their legendary legacy---And that, my friend, is what I’m also aiming at doing and achieving in the far future. And I have NO doubt about it in my mind whatsoever that I will succeed in doing so!

What does it mean when you tell people, "Be 60% Ferocious, 100% of the Time!"

Yeah, that’s a damn good question indeed, my friend. To be completely honest with you, it ALL started out as a joke back in the beginning of 2013 during the Super Human Training #3 Workshop that I attended in Tallahassee Florida!

It was at this workshop, that was being held by my good friends and fellow Strongmen comrades Bud & Logan, that it all started out as a joke. As a matter of fact, it was none other than Dru Patrick himself who said that "60% Ferocious, 100% of the Time!" line back then at that workshop while we were joking around.

First of all, at that exact same moment, Super Noah Jeffries was bending and obliterating a Red Nail on sight like it was nothing… When I started to joke around and said that it was ALL because of the “Ferocious Strength” shirt that he wore back then that he could destroy that Red Nail so easily! Which then lead to another good friend and fellow strongman comrade of mine, Bobby Rudl to say that “wearing a Ferocious Strength shirt makes you twice as Ferocious, it has been scientifically proven”… Which afterwards we all started to laugh and crack the fuck up obviously.

And then, at THAT specific moment right after what Bobby Rudl said, it was Dru Patrick who stepped right in and mentioned that “60% Ferocious a 100% of the Time” line… And as such, it all started and it has been going on ever since.

So basically, it’s MORE of a joke than an actual line that is meant to be dead-serious to begin with… And as such, it’s an inside joke that all started back then at the Super Human Training #3 Workshop, and to fully understand it, you must have been a part of it at that specific moment.

But other than that, you could definitely look at it with a “dead-serious” approach and try to find the important meaning and philosophy behind it, but I wouldn’t go that far to begin with… As it was never meant to be taking that freaking serious from the start. Yeah, my training, lifestyle and business is a dead-serious thing that I’m holding near and dear to my heart, no doubt about that.

But sometimes, as you already know by now since we talked on many occasions, I like to mess around and joke with my fellow physical culturists and strongmen comrades. So that’s it man, now you know the entire meaning and “philosophy” behind it.

Also, with all of that being said, you can actually check out the video and witness the moment when it ALL happened yourself as well… As our fellow friend, Logan Christopher filmed ALL of it!

Check it out and enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BVyszbv3dU

Can we expect to see some new goals/PRs/training programs from you in the near future?

Hell yeah man, you sure as hell can… And then some! Believe me, this is just the beginning of the beginning, you haven’t seen anything yet!

But since my new goals/PR’s and training programs are too MANY to name over here, I’ll leave it at that and suprise you ALL in the near future… I promise you one thing though, it’s gonna be freaking EPIC!

And how can we find you online? (Facebook, Twitter, Website, Youtube, etc.)

Here you go, man!

Official Site: www.ferociousstrength.com

Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FerociousStrength

Official Twitter account: www.twitter.com/FerociousMatti

Official Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/youmuthafuckayou187

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