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Maximal Contractions - Make Gains Faster than EVER Before

Can you do a maximal contraction of your muscles? No equipment involved?

How often do you flex? Not just standing in the mirror to note your progress or display your figure to friends; I mean during workouts. Flexing has a training value that goes much further than aesthetics, and could be the secret edge you needed to break through that plateau and astound yourself with the potential progress to your muscular strength system. If you wanna witness true, quick progress in strength, speed, and control, this is a great element to add to your training.

Your contractile strength is very important for your training, even though its not often taught by personal trainers or fitness gurus. After all, it's easy to measure how much weight you can lift, but much more difficult to attempt to measure how thoroughly you can contract your muscle. As obscure as it may seem, contractile strength can definitely be improved throughout your workouts by training with a maximal contraction.

Charles Atlas, a famous physical culturist in the 1920's, created a system called dynamic tension in which you flex through a series of motions to strengthen your movements, empower your muscles, and develop full control of your strength. This muscle tension can be applied to various aspects of your training. For instance, performing an isometric exercise while maximally contracting your muscles can push your muscles and tendons to their limit and encourage a rush of HGH, which will grow both immensely.

But more importantly, doing so will force your nervous system, which can't handle the overload from your contraction, to develop more nerve endings to get better control of your muscles. Getting more muscle means that you have more to flex, but you will not flex harder simply by building muscle mass because the contraction is largely in the nervous system. Try squeezing out every ounce of strength in a workout that you conduct with a maximal contraction, and observe the strength gains you can have as a result.