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Maximetrics or PB

by Bowman

Alright, and lastly, I saw he had a program called Maximetrics for sale also. Do you still recommend the 7 seconds program over it?
I wonder why it took so long for you to feel a difference?

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May 11, 2016

by: Jarell

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body is a precursor to Maximetrics, and if you don't fully know how to do isometrics like in 7 Seconds, Maximetrics won't help you much. And like I said I felt a difference almost immediately, what I mean with the 3-4 weeks is that's when the muscle growth and strength increase was most noticeable, as week 4 was when I was able to hold a full front lever without shaking.

Maximetrics is the isometrics mass building program, so if you want to gain mass, that's what that program will be about. 7 Seconds will give you some mass, but it's mainly incredible strength and definition, which is why I use it because I was never interested in getting too big :)

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