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Maximetrics with muscle control

by Greg

Jarrell, Can you please explain how you can combine Maximetrics with muscle control? I have the Maximetrics program but I am not getting any size at all in my legs. Would doing wall sits for 8 contractions help? Also, you mentioned doing a bicep curl while resisting with the other hand. How would I incorporate that in the Maximetric workout? You mentioned doing lomg holds like martial artists for tendon/ligament strength which is what I want. Are you talking about the standing pole exercises like "holding the ball" for time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Oct 05, 2015
Maximetrics with MC Response
by: Jarell

Hello Greg, I hope all is well with your training! Actually, Maximetrics is its contraction style already incorporates muscle control. The goal is to get into position, and flex multiple groups at the same time to stimulate a stronger response in the nervous system for the release of hormones in your body that would stimulate muscle growth. I would focus more on the strength of your leg contractions if you don't see a size increase, and keeping that strength of contraction for all 8 contractions. But something that I have found helps my leg size and strength just as you suggested is doing the wall sits, but keeping my time occupied by coupling my wall sit with other leg exercises. For instance, perform and 12 second wall sit while also working your inner thighs by putting your hands on the inside of your knee and trying to bring them together while doing the wall sit. Then I'd do the same for the outer leg, putting my hands on the outside of my knees and pressing outward with my legs.

As for the isometric bicep curl, that's an isolation exercise, which is opposite of the concept of Maximetrics, which works multiple muscle groups. There is a biceps contraction in Maximetrics in the second motion.

As for tendon strengthening, all of these exercises do strengthen the tendons, but the focus is generally on muscle. Deep stance work like horse stance training or the standing pole exercise you reference do quite a bit in terms of training ligaments, as does general consistency. All of these techniques are meant to be trained for longevity, so your overall connective tissue strength will reach new heights simply from consistency. Hope that helps!

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