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Meditation Tips

by Robert

For anyone interested in meditating, I have some tips. This is something I've done a lot of. I was actually addicted to meditating for many years. I don't do it nearly as much as I use to, but I do still meditate once or twice a week. From my experience it's best to meditate in silence, with your eyes closed. The darker the better. And it's important to have your head upright. If you prefer a position lying back, I recommend having your head at 45 degrees or higher. I personally always go with upright. The key to meditating is stillness. The longer you maintain stillness and the more still you are, the deeper the state of meditation gets. People usually ask what do you think about. I say let your thoughts do what your thoughts naturally do. Don't try and force yourself to think anything in particular. Trust me, the longer you maintain stillness, the calmer and less your thoughts will become. We are water. Like an ocean. Our thoughts follow the waves/vibrations of our body. Through stillness you can calm the waters and the thoughts will also calm. If you want to focus on something, focus on the eyes. Particularly your eye lashes. If your eyes are still and your eye lashes are not fluttering, you are most likely still. The eyes and the thoughts are connected. I tell people all the time you have to strive for one hour. Because it just starts to get interesting at 20-30 minutes. If you achieve a good state of stillness the only thing that will make you move at all is your heart beat. So perfect stillness is not actually possible. Your heart beat will give you a very subtle bounce. Very slow and easy bounce forward and backwards. After 20 minutes or so that should be your only movement is that slow and steady subtle bounce. Maintain that stillness for as long as possible. Hit 1 hour and I promise, you'll be Amazed!

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using music or a visual. Or lying back. I'm only giving my opinion of what was the most effective for me to achieve a deep state of meditation. I once sat in the lotus position for over 4 hours. And it felt as though only an hour went by. And I couldn't feel my body at all. I was completely disconnected. When I came to, it was very painful to get out of that position. But it was an amazing experience. And 4 hours is small time. But it was my highlight, the longest I've ever gone in full Lotus. I've meditated using music and my state of meditation got so deep I couldn't hear the music. I was so disconnected from my body, I was even cut off from all my senses connecting me to the outside world. Deep states of meditation will literally allow you to go out of body. Astral Travel. And go places and see things you wouldn't believe. The inner landscape of our minds is a beautiful place when you travel deep within in.

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Jul 21, 2016
by: Gordon Anderson

Charles Garfield, Ph.D says in his book "Peak Performance" of the research at the Menninger Foundation, "They found that the yogis were able to voluntarily alter their brain waves,heart rates,body temperatures, and other metabolic processes ordinarily considered to be regulated by the autonomic nervous system, but that the ability to voluntarily control these processes could be taught to others with little difficulty in relatively short time."

At the conclusion of the Menninger Experiments two of the leads scientists on the project Elmer Green PhD and Alyce Green M.A. published a book that documented that research titled, "Beyond Biofeedback" and summed up how those yogis were able to accomplish such fantastic internal controls in the following way," Get into a relaxed state and visualize the desired bodily results."

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