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Mental Isometrics

by Gordon Anderson
(Oregon USA)

Don't forget the mental and emotional strength that Iso Dynamic Contraction can build. Our minds, emotions,and bodies only give up their greatest strength secrets when pushed to their absolute limits. Isometrics apply a form of the yogic meditative principle of "inner concentration" which builds our strength from the inside out and develops all aspects of that strength both conscious and subconscious - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

“How To Strengthen Your Life with Mental Isometrics” is a book that was published in the 1960s by Parker Publishing Company. The introduction pretty much signals the messages that are developed in the book starting with the Biblical quote “ As a man thinks, so is he” and what the book refers to as the vital manner of thinking - “visualization while in a deep state of relaxation.” That is almost word for word the conclusion of the findings of research on yogis at the Menninger Clinic as to how they obtained their phenomenal bodily controls that was conducted a decade later: “Get into a relaxed state and visualize the desired bodily results”

These are all concepts that Alois P. Swoboda was teaching in the 1800s with his "Conscious Evolution" training course to alter the Autonomic Nervous system almost 100 years before the research at the Menninger Clinic which many MD's still believed that it was impossible to control that system.

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