Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

Mental Training - Harness the True Power of Your Mind for A Better Life

If you are going to win any battle, you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. - General Patton

Mind power is one of the greatest examples of strength that a person can possess. You can be as strong as a gorilla and still be weaker than a child if you aren't mentally strong.

Luckily, you don't have to be born with an indomitable will as 'the chosen one' to be mentally strong; you can train it everyday.  The possibilities are endless. Mind power will allow you to tap into your true potential to stay energized even when odds seem unlikely. Mental training gives you the strength to handle a situation even with the odds and the support against you.

Read it aloud, and remember it: If you don't train your mind, your body WILL fail you. 

That's plain and simple fact. On the other hand, if you DO train your mind, your goals in life start to become more realistic than your limits, and you reach a level of strength unfathomable by most others.

Mental training will grant you the ability to keep a positive attitude towards yourself and your workouts, regardless of the thoughts of other people. Your fears dissipate and you transform yourself into a leader when your mental strength is high. You can finally walk the path to self mastery.

The strength of the mind is the strength of the body. The stronger your mind, the stronger your spirit. An powerful spirit makes the impossible tasks of life seem possible.

Note that I didn't say easy; becoming mentally strong will be a battle in itself, perhaps more so than your physical training. But that's all for the better, because without battle, there can be no victory. If you really want mental strength and fight for it, you will be victorious.

You can face your workouts, your daunting goals, your assignments, and even your life with the unwavering spirit of a warrior. You will learn to persevere in the face of adversity, maximize your workouts for the optimal muscular system, and reach most any goals you can imagine.

Learn more through these methods:

The Mind and Exercise

Isotonic vs. Isometric Mind - Understand what it means to train in an isotonic mindset versus an isometric one, and how that can affect your lifestyle.

The Biggest Reason You Will NEVER Be Strong - This is one of the major factors that holds people back from reaching their true potential.

Instinct - Train daily for automatic, instinctual skill. This will lead you to master whatever your trade is.

The Mind and Emotion

Reverse Fear, Advance Life - Learn how eliminating fear as a factor in your life can give you true freedom in your training and your life.

Independence and Self-Reliance - Taking control of yourself and your situation can be an initially scary process, but potentially of the most satisfying and productive processes of your life.

Anger Management - Anger management is critical in the gym. Learn how you could be ruining your progress because of a bad training tip.

Virtue - Taking the high road is a tall order for most (myself included), but learn why it's necessary as a strongman. Indeed, with great power comes great responsibility.

Rewiring Your Mind

Thoughts Are Real Forces - Our thoughts pervade our actions throughout the day; your every muscle movement, breath or creative idea has a thought that drives an action forward. Use thoughts to your advantage!

Positive Thinking - Put yourself on a better, self-fulfilling path using a powerful method of positive thinking.

All Things New - You can't seek a new life and new goals doing the same old things. Train yourself to seek adventure, starting small.


Cycle of Inspiration - Your words and actions affect those around you. Learn how they can be used to inspire others.

Failing to WIN - Failure is CRITICAL to true victory in any endeavor. Learn why.