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Mobility, Mobility, Mobility

by Jarell

Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility

"A complete mobility practice moves each joint in the body through its complete range of motion bathing it in synovial fluid. Movement is the only way your joints get nutrition! Each session can range from a quick 5 minute recharge to a 30 minute in-depth deep practice. It’s up to you and how your body feels on a particular day. For example, did you do a ton of heavy lifting or a super intense metabolic conditioning session the day before? Maybe a longer, deeper mobility session is required to aid in restoration and recovery. Or, did you just get out of bed and maybe only have 5 minutes before you have to get ready for work? A 5 minute quick-n-dirty mobility session will charge you up and get your body moving (literally!)."

Read more here: http://warriorfitness.org/2013/08/27/mobility-mobility-mobility/

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