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Training Montages - All the Best Feats Compiled into One

Sometimes, there's no better expression of overall strength and dedication to fitness than a good old training montage. The Rocky movies were classic in a number of senses, but those "Eye of the Tiger" training montages were immortalized.  You could tell that Jean Claude Van Damme was about to pack on some serious pain when you saw his intense training montages. You see, almost even feel the pain that these people got through with each feat, constantly surpassing themselves, forcing themselves past mental limits, and conquering their goals one task at a time.

Well, take the time to see the immense pain and sweat that these people have gone through to accomplish the many feats you see in their montages. Be inspired. 

Ant Strong - Montage of Melody Schoenfeld

Move. In Many Ways, For Many Reasons - Montage of Bryan Jenks

Legendary Strength - Montage of Logan Christopher

Massive Functional Muscle - Montage of Bud Jeffries

Amazing Feats of Strength - Montage of Logan and Bud

Performing Strongman - Montage of Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Hungry - Montage of Ross Enamait (RossTraining.com)

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