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"Strength Is More Than Just Muscle"

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Muscular System

The muscular system may seem initially complicated, but the basic identifiers of the system can be quite easily categorized.


  • This is the non-striated muscle (hence the name) that controls the involuntary movements of your body. Examples of this type of muscle would be the muscles of your inner eye, the muscles of your stomach lining that aid in food digestion, or the muscles of your esophagus that aid in delivering food down your throat. This type of muscle cannot be directly trained; however, training this muscle using indirect methods can boost your health immensely. For instance, learning deep breathing methods, such as deep tidal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, can strengthen muscles all over the body, including smooth muscle. Furthermore, one of the best muscle control exercises called the abdominal vacuum can strengthen ones internal organs and the smooth muscle within. Read more about muscle control exercises here.


  • Your cardiac muscle, or heart muscle, makes up the muscle that constructs your blood network. The heart muscle is very aerobic and pumps great amounts of blood for the strength of your body involuntarily. Therefore, like smooth muscle, cardiac muscle cannot be directly trained. However, the breathing exercises I mentioned before coupled with great intensity, interval focused cardio can incredibly strengthen your heart and body. Read my page on cardio training here!


  • Skeletal muscle is what is really focused on when our training and fitness is concerned. The fast twitch, intermediate, or slow twitch muscles of our body that we can voluntarily control, directly attached to the skeletal system, make up our skeletal system. The training methods and styles for this kind of muscle are endless. Read more about the training it here.

This is a simple breakdown of the components of the muscular system. Nevertheless, the muscular strength system is something of a more complicated nature that I will cover in my next article. Keep an eye out on the Muscular Strength System blog!

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