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"Strength Is More Than Just Muscle"

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Batman O' Brien
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Bruce Lee's Workout Routine 
"In fact, for me the Bruce Lee physique represents the pinnacle of functional fitness, lean efficient, fast and strong. As a personal trainer, fitness …

Isometrics for Mass and Body Fat Loss Not rated yet
Is isometric exercise the key to building muscle mass and cutting body fat at the same time? Well isometrics enthusiast Chris asks Batman this question …

Burn 7,000 KCals in ONE Workout! Not rated yet
I have brilliant article for you on Isometrics and Weight Loss - how using these simple exercises can burn a MASSIVE amount of calories fast. Check it …

Isometric Exercise in the Office Not rated yet
"Isometric Exercise in the Office is the secret of many of the world’s most successful business men. Why do lawyers, doctor’s, company directors, bank …

Isometric Training for Martial Arts Power Not rated yet
Ek = ½ m V2 "You need to have more than just the ability to generate a great deal of kinetic energy but to impart and transfer that energy into somebody …

Isometric Training for Forearm Development Not rated yet
"Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “A chain is as strong as its weakest link”. In the kinetic chain of the body, for many one of the neglected muscles are …

Isometric Training for Martial Arts Injury Recovery Not rated yet
"The primary problem with most injuries isn’t to the actual muscle – these recover in about 3 days or so. The problem is the damage to the surrounding …

Isometric Training for Martial Arts Endurance  Not rated yet
"To endure you NEED muscle tissue. Lots of it. This is where Isometric Training for Martial Arts Endurance comes into play. When you come down to the very …

Final Problem with Static Contraction Not rated yet
A degree of muscular control over your muscles is needed to get the most benefit from static contraction training. Most people have no knowledge of how …

Second Problem With Static Contraction Not rated yet
More weight does not mean more intensity. This is the second problem when it comes to static contraction training; if you are using weight resistance that …

First Problem with Static Contraction Not rated yet
Static contraction is becoming more popular in terms of weight lifting for different trainers. Static contraction, in its basic nature, is an isometric …

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Yeah, you read that right. His real, legal name is Batman.

My own mentor in strength, and one of the best authorities on isometric training on the planet, Batman O'Brien is a true warrior of the 21st century.

Just as the most powerful warriors of the past had many trades, Batman is an accomplished acupuncturist, philosopher, author, karateka, swordsman, personal trainer, nutritionist, and much more. He is a great physical trainer, and a great and compassionate guy altogether.

His revolutionary training program 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body has changed the lives of trainees around the globe, and that is only one of many isometrics programs that he's devised.

Batman lives by his physical training principles as a warrior would, facing each training session as a life or death matter.

In many cases, it has been as Batman has pushed through disease, obesity, and shattered bones to improve his physical strength and perfect the methods that he teaches for others.

Those methods are quite effective, earning Batman the super strength to match his name, as he has performed isometric leg presses of over 3,000 lbs, bench presses of over 600 lbs, and one arm lifts of people of varying sizes at less than 180 lbs.

On his Facebook page, he shares his strength methods, his diet that helped him combat obesity in mere weeks, his comprehensive training programs, some tips that boost overall vitality, and more. To truly get a grasp of the wonders that Batman can help you achieve in your training, like his Facebook page. Osu!

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