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Benjamin Bergman
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Benjamin Bergman lives everyday to the limit, and definitely embodies this in his training. He was inspired to take his fitness to new levels by “Pumping Iron”, the classic chronicling great bodybuilders like Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After suffering a devastating accident that shattered both his legs, the story could end here, not a chance. Ben Bergman pushed himself to regain and surpass the former strength in his legs, and became a true physical culturist who exudes strength in each step.

After his final leg surgery in 2005, once he was cleared to work out his legs once more, he hasn't missed a single day of training. He has come a long way, developing incredible strength and running a comprehensive fitness blog with some critical training tips, mental and physical.

With or without equipment, Ben is never without a highly intensive training method, and he shares these and much more in his Facebook.

He models the true purpose of physical culture, which truly encourages physical transformation leading to increased mental strength in addition to your physical strength.

Like his Facebook page and see how his methods of physical improvement can help you succeed in your own training goals.