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Bryan Jenks
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Movement is more than a way to transport yourself or improve your health, it's a lifestyle that can truly earn you unparalleled levels of strength, mobility, and vigor.

Bryan Jenks lives and trains as a physical testament to the power of movement. He is a bright-eyed, energetic, and powerful strength coach to anyone ages 18-45 who seeks to discover the secret strength that movement training can truly deliver.

Once a scrawny, average kid, Bryan Jenks used the movement training he learned to become a 220 lb, 6'6” powerhouse. He trains in animal movements, parkour, gymnastic movements, and much more. Even more impressive, he can help you translate these methods into practical methods for advanced, lasting strength and results.

Whether you're inactive or incredibly active, Bryan Jenks can show you a movement lifestyle of physical culture that will truly boost your strength potential and view mobility as a true gift.

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