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John Gutierrez
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Why Kettlebells? Because Cardio Sucks… Not rated yet
"Sometimes people ask me why I’m so gungho about kettlebells. I’m always talking about the benefits of strength training and how you can get great workouts …

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John Gutierrez has been training in June gym for over 15 years. Starting out as your typical chest and bis gym bro, his training style has evolved over the years into something as simple as it is effective.

Over the years, fitness trends come and go. John has seen enough trends to know what works and what doesn't. He believes a workout is like a woman's skirt. It should be long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to keep it interesting.

He focuses on big money movements like pressing and deadlifting and quick conditioning drills like kettlebell swings and sprints. Simple. Brutal. Effective.