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Matti Marzel
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If there is one person I know who embodies the term “Live life to the fullest”, it's Matti Marzel.

His own strength journey is an odyssey in itself, including conventional weight training, a time in the Israeli military, and an introduction to some of the leading physical culturists today. Inspired by historical greats like Bruce Lee and Arthur Saxon, Matti Marzel sets the bar for his own training high, and lives up to it.

“Deceptive strength” almost undermines the level of power that Matti is capable of producing; at 163 lbs, he has the grip strength to rip phonebooks to shreds and bend metal wrenches and frying pans alike.  His fingertip feats are most impressive, as he can do four finger v-sits, thumb pushups for reps, and levers with only his fingertips.

He can support more than 400 lbs in a neck bridge position, and can summon more raw strength in his fingertips than most can in their entire bodies. Mind you, he is capable of such strength feats even after suffering a devastating injury to the tendons in his right wrist.

Not years, but months later, Matti has been building his strength back up and reaches new heights with each training session. He couples his ferocious training mindset with a ferocious personality; he personifies his own motto: be 60% ferocious 100% of the time!

Learn more about his training methods, his no B.S. Fitness mindset and principles, and some incredible strength feats by liking his Facebook page! This truly doesn't begin to describe all that Matti Marzel is, so definitely like his Facebook page and learn from the ferocious beast of physical culture.