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"Strength Is More Than Just Muscle"

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Melody Schoenfeld
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Yay, Meat? Not rated yet
Yesterday, a friend of mine posted an article with the comment, "Yay, meat!" Now, I know my friend was poking fun at me, since I'm vegan, but I did …

Getting Omega 3's In Your Diet Without Being All Fishy Not rated yet
As you may have heard me mention in other posts, most people's diets are severely skewed in their Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio. While a very low ratio (at least …

"..But Isn't This Healthy?????" Not rated yet
"I've seen a trend in my clients' diets lately, so I figured it was about time I broached the subject of "health foods" that really kinda aren't. These …

Kicking Cancer's Ass Not rated yet
"2013 has been brutal. Cancer took my mother in January, and everywhere I look, it seems to be wrapping its nasty hands around someone else I know. I …

Beast Your Bench Press Not rated yet
"The bench press is one of the most difficult exercises in which to make gains for most people. I know it's my most challenging lift. And for those of …

Great Supplements for Athletes Not rated yet
"There are a lot of supplements out there that make promises. Few of them deliver. There are, however, some that really do a body good. I'll be posting …

Five Ways You May Be Messing Up Your Goals (And Five Fixes) Not rated yet
When it comes to problems, most of us have got at least 99 of them. We often try to find solutions, but end up looping right back into the same hamster …

Success Suckers Not rated yet
For every person trying to reach a goal or level of success, there are at least three other people committed to throwing a wrench in that progress. Sometimes, …

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With over 20 years of training under her belt, Melody’s client roster has ranged from celebrities and professional athletes, to weekend warriors and complete exercise novices, to grandparents and pre-teens, and everyone in between.

She is a record-holding competitive powerlifter, a Level 2 Certified Kettlebell Instructor through the RKC and SFG, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, a Z-Health specialist (R, I, S, T), and a bunch of other letters that go along with papers, too. Melody has had 4.5 years of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Her writing has been featured in several publications including the Strength and Conditioning Journal, and her popular blog, Not Yer Mama’s Fitness Blog, was named one of the Top 10 Fitness Blogs in 2013 by BreakingMuscle.com.

In her “spare time,” Melody runs Evil Munky Enterprises, sings in three bands, cooks a lot of really good vegan food, tells really awful jokes, gets ridiculous amounts of continuing education, and lifts heavy stuff for fun.  And might I say, she is super strong! Like her Facebook page for the funniest and most exciting path to fitness ever!  

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