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The Physical Culture Club


Expertise: Movement Training, Wrestling, Strongman Training, Visualization, Bending/Scrolling


Expertise: Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Isometric Exercise, Nutrition, Acupuncture


Expertise: Movement Training, Parkour, Weight Training, Personal Training, Child Instructor


Expertise: Kettlebell Instructor, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise


Expertise: Martial Arts, Bujinkan, Underground Strength Coach, Personal Training


Expertise: Old-time Strongman Training, Feats of Strength, Personal Training, Bodyweight Training, Grip Strength


Expertise: Everything

Weight loss, muscle gain, strength increase, mobility improvement, there are many goals that people in physical culture hope to achieve. The men and women who devote their lives to physical culture find the best ways for people to achieve these goals and more, and put them into programs that are easily understood and executed.

These are some of the leading strength training, diet, martial arts, health, and physical trainers the world has ever seen, and each one can open a world of knowledge and results to you.

Their names and accomplishments appear on this page, but this doesn't begin to cover the wealth of health and fitness expertise each trainer holds.

Learn from them, like their Facebook pages, and give yourself the chance you deserve to be more mighty than you've ever been thanks to their advice and programs. The world of physical culture awaits! 

You will see each physical trainer's profile, along with a video of their training instruction, a strength feat, an exercise, or a mix of all the above, along with a link to like their Facebook page. Check them out!

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