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Positive Thinking Isn't Enough

I wrote an article a few months ago about the merits of positive thinking, but I'd like to revisit that idea for a bit. Positive thinking is only the first step in attaining the success that you want; positive thinking alone won't grant you the success you desire.

For positive thinking to be effective, you also need to have an action plan. If you throw some frosting on moldy bread, that won't magically cure the bread of its mold. On the same note, you have to address the situation that you're in for any positive thinking to be beneficial.

Acknowledge the Truth

Before you can start to change, you've got to acknowledge the necessity for change in your situation. Always seek the truth about yourself and your situation; it's always there if you're willing to hear it.

It's important to know that the real truth is unchangeable; 1+1 won't equal porcupine lettuce just because you're in a bad mood. 1+1 will consistently equal 2 however many times and ways you try it, and the truth is just as unchangeable.  That's not about positive thinking or negative thinking, but about acknowledging who you are.

Change Within

Now that you've acknowledged your true self, you have to make the change within. This is important, because many people attribute their problems to other people, other events, or things outside themselves; thus, they look for the solution outside themselves as well.

Don't let the world decide when you are happy or not, because it's not the world's decision. All the positive thinking and motivation in the world won't help you if you can't see the problem, and the solution, in your own self.

Now something interesting starts to happen when you look to change yourself for your success; you start to attract it. Just like water bonds to water, iron bonds to iron, like things attract other like things.

Thoughts are no different; if you think that you're a terrible dancer, no one and nothing can convince you otherwise. Even if you go to take lessons, you've already defeated yourself in your subconscious, so you won't allow yourself to get better.

In the same token, if you believe that you're a great dancer, even if you dance like a rabid dog with tapeworm, you will continue to improve even if others tell you that you'll never make it. When you believe you can, you'll create the circumstances and find the people who will prove that you can.

Direct Your Thoughts

Thought energy is neutral. You don't think positively or negatively because that's how your thoughts operate; you add the charge to your thoughts, not the other way around. Your subconscious mind just acts like a battery that retains whatever charge you give it.

If you want to think for success, give the battery a positive charge, but if you don't direct the battery's power somewhere, you won't be as successful as you could be. Take the thoughts that you feed your mind and direct them to action; change the circumstances, or even the people, around you so that the thoughts of success that you have can become reality.