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New Year's Resolutions to Goals

How far along have you come with you New Year's Resolutions? Are you any closer to them when you began the year?

The New Year's Resolutioners are the people often joked about in fitness circles: you see them in the gym for the first three weeks of the year, but then they fall off and don't continue their fitness journeys. 

But why? Clearly the motivation is there, and that first step into the gym is half of the journey to achieving one's desires.

Therein lies the problem; the other half of the journey is having a plan. Often, resolutions involve wishful thinking that is a motivated dream for the coming year. However, a dream without is plan is just a wish.

For instance, you decide that you're gonna start going to the gym. You wanna lose 15 lbs this year. But you get into the gym, knowing an average amount about how to use the machines or the proper nutrition methods, and you haven't set a date that you plan to lose those pounds by. 

With that scenario, one could lose the motivation initially had and succumb to the land of fallen dreams, because it is difficult to note gradual results without having a clear direction, if not a destination.

Your dreams should be more than wishes left to chance. Take the remainder of the year going forward by storm. Have a plan, follow it, and begin to see results.

Everyday is a new day, a new way to begin. Take the days that have seized you, and make them the days that you seize with confidence.

Also, if you have set some fitness goals for your New Year's resolutions but don't have a direction, isometric exercises can be a promising path to take.