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Results after exercising in Perfect Body Program for 7 weeks: Next to nothing!!!

by Erick Eugene

G'day Mr Lindsey,

Allow me to say that it is an absolute pleasure and incredible honor to be corresponding with a marvelous physical culturist like you!

Your feats of strength are awe inspiring to say the least and so is your physique!!

Way to go!!!

Now let me come to my questions.

I also marveled at Paul O Brien's Perfect Body Program Sales Page and the unbelievable claims. He claims to have transformed from a weakling to super strong in 7 weeks. You also claimed in this article that the Perfect Body Program has the capacity to double or even triple the strength of an individual in 7 weeks. So I bought it. It took me a while to get the hang of the exercises but eventually I believe I "got" it. But after 7 weeks of dedicated practice of The Perfect Body Program, I am disappointed to say that my strength and muscle gains were next to nothing. I still can't do a single pull up and can't do even 5 proper push ups. Now at this point you may have arrived at the conclusion that the lack of results is because of improper application of the exercises. But I assure you that is not the case. I do each and every exercise exactly the way he does in his videos(I own the PB Deluxe EDITION).

So can you please shed some light regarding this Mr. Lindsey?

Thanks so much for your priceless assistance!

Ever grateful,

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Aug 06, 2016
Sir, I need your input!
by: Erick Eugene

Dear Mr Lindsey,

Thank you very much for the generous and elaborate response.

And sorry for not replying to you earlier because
I thought that 7 seconds to PB isn't the one for me.

But now I have decided to give this program another shot.

Reason- I want to be like you(no flattery intended!)
I want to develop your same jaw dropping strength and splendid physique.

I also have some questions for you.

1) In the exercise instructions of PB, Paul O' Brien instructs to first tense the muscle(say chest), then breathe in and then simultaneously exhale and contract(tense) to the max. But in the video tutorials, he only breathes in and then tenses only during exhale.

Please shed some light.

2) how long will it take to see undeniable strength gains when doing PB?

3) Any tips for me before I get started.

Thanks for your priceless assistance.


Jun 10, 2016

by: Jarell

Hello Eugene, and thank you for your compliments and for trying out the PB program!

Studies have been done, not just by Dr. Hettinger and Dr. Muller, but many recent studies that you can view on PubMed, that isometric exercises have been shown to increase strength from 5-15% per workout; thus the claims are not just Paul O'Brien's and mine, but substantiated in the science community.

Now, as to your results, because I'd love to help you reach the level of strength that I know the program can provide, what are your personal fitness goals? Were you aiming specifically for more pullups/calisthenics strength, or simply general strength increases?

I'll share a secret with you: when I first began training the program, I didn't really get it, or the results I was looking for. I read through the documents, saw the videos, and everything made sense, but my progress wasn't quite to the level that Mr. O'Brien and some of his clients reached.

What I personally realized is that the program builds from the inside-out. Before I could hope to develop my muscles, my tendons had to grow in strength. Before my tendons grew in strength, my nervous system had to get stronger.

Furthermore, what I judged as a maximal contraction wasn't quite maximal. 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body is not a particularly easy program because of the level of kinesthetic awareness needed. It combines static contraction with overcoming isometrics.

Meaning that, with the overcoming isometrics, you have to push as hard as you can. Say you're doing a bicep isometric. The goal is to curl your biceps as hard as you can, to the point that they're shaking involuntarily, for maximum intensity.

What's slightly different with this program is the focus, as Maxick focused, on static contraction. Meaning that, as you are pushing your biceps as hard as you possibly can with that shaking component, you are also flexing your biceps as hard as you can flex them.

This second part is sometimes where people get caught up with the exercise because, while a lot of people can flex their biceps or glutes, many aren't as adept at voluntarily flexing their rhomboids, lats, traps, forearm extensors, etc.

Working on your ability to flex any and all of your muscles without external influence will accelerate your results when you combine that flexing with the different exercises.

Also be sure that nutrition is a steady component in your training, because that can also help to accelerate or deccel your results.

There are isometric exercises that you can perform with weights that incorporate a 90 second window of time under tension that will really help to strengthen your muscle control, and thus your results with 7 Seconds. If you'd like to hear more about that to help develop that strength you seek, I'd be more than happy to share.

Not only have I seen my own strength reach unnatural levels with the program, but I have trained many friends, family, and associates with the program to incredible results, so do stay in touch because I want to ensure that you get the maximum value out of what you spent.

Blessings and happy training,


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