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Shaolin Workout Recovery

by Paul

Is there something different in the way that Shaolin monks mentally approach their training? I know that they perform daily horse stances for hours, which I'd imagine would cause some intense muscle and CNS fatigue. Is it because the mental focus is more on relaxing than trying to tense the muscles?
Same with the Great Gama, who wrestled with a tree daily, or Godhand Oyama, who daily performed a great amount of training in the mountains. Is it because they had already worked their strengths up to such a high level that such training didn't fatigue them the same way? Just trying to comprehend what made these great men tick.

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May 12, 2016

by: Jarell

As regards the Shaolin - they spend years building up that strength and discipline, they also spend many hours RECOVERING. But it does impact their focus and muscles - that's why in the temples during medication (RECOVERY) the head priest walks around with a really big stick to whack anyone falling asleep. They also eat a lot of anti-inflammatory foods.

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