Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

They See Me Scrolling, They Hatin'

This is it. This is the exercise that your personal trainers will probably never teach you; chances are they’ve never done it themselves. Yet this one exercise, above almost all, will grant you the strength of legend. Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Zass, Slim “The Hammer Man”, The Mighty Atom, this names only  a few of the historically powerful humans who have done this exercise to develop more power than many of their fellow trainers.

So why isn’t such a great skill being taught often? Aside from being one of the best exercises, it’s one of the most difficult and engaging. It really does recruit the whole muscular strength system to accomplish; the faster you do the exercise, the easier it is, but at the same time you fatigue faster.

It builds such strength and endurance that’s unparalleled; in terms of strength training, doing this exercise is like upgrading from a lit match to a flame thrower. It is truly a full body exercise that you either have the strength to do or not. No tricks, no gimmicks, this exercise is for the elite. Even so, the less-than-elites can learn how to do this exercise in a short time using the methods taught in this DVD.

No boys or girls for this exercise. This one’s for the women and men. You don’t succeed in this exercise with a hesitant will; no this requires a willpower forged of steel, an isometric mind, and by the end, the trophy you earn is the one you make yourself.

Let’s end the suspense; the exercise, the one practiced by some of the strongest men in history, is steel bending. More specifically, it is steel scrolling. That means taking a piece of steel and bending it into scrolls of varying sizes. It’s the perfect exercise for anyone seeking a strength beyond normal strength, whether a wrestler, martial artist, or a salary man.  This incredible style of exercise is taught by two of the strongest people around, Jedd Johnson, a national grip strength champion, and Bud Jeffries, the World’s Strongest Man. 

The information is taught in DVD’s in a way that anyone can learn how to scroll. They even do some scrolling in the videos, and did the minimum amount of editing to keep the DVD’s as authentic as possible. If you’re worried about shipping costs internationally, worry no more! When you buy the DVD’s, you can choose an online streaming option to save you some hard earned money.

And as a bonus, the DVD teaches some POWERFUL isometric exercises that will build incredible grip and core strength even for those who can’t find steel to bend.

Finally, there’s a 90-day money back guarantee, so your purchase is risk-free. It’s a product that I feel is worth much more than Jedd and Bud priced it at $59 + S&H, or $39 for the online streaming version. I’ve had my say, the rest is up to you.

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