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MSS Approved Strength Programs

Below are some of the best fitness programs you'll ever find on the web, off the web, worldwide. Full stop, period.

All of these programs are MSS Approved, meaning that I guarantee that they will do so much more than just build muscle, because strength is more than just muscle.

But more than that, these really are some of the best fitness programs in the world, and I stand by that.

Yes, these programs aim to destroy any weaknesses in the body, whether it's joint pain, inflexibility, lack of cardio, tendon injuries, bone density, and digestive health...

and so much more. Completely risk free!

Again, how? 

If you buy any one of the programs listed below, there is a 100%, no questions asked, three month guarantee. That's right, you have 90 days to buy one of the books, programs, or DVD's below, and if it doesn't completely benefit the way you work out, you just ask them for a refund and you have your money back. 

I'd like to ONE-UP that offer!

I am an affiliate of all these incredible trainers and their programs. I get a 75% commission from the 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body Program, and a 35% commission from the others. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Because I personally believe in, and have experienced the benefits of all these programs. I personally guarantee that these programs know that strength is more than just muscle.

So, in addition to the 90-day risk free offer...

If for ANY REASON, after those 90 days, you don't feel like these programs improved your Muscular Strength System, I will refund you my commissions for an ADDITIONAL 90 days. 

That means...

you have 90 days to get a 100% refund...

and an additional 90 days to get a 75% (Perfect Body) or 35% (other programs) refund.

THAT'S how much I believe in the power of these programs. They have worked so well for me and many of my colleagues, and I truly believe that they will work wonders for YOU too!

Without further ado, here are some of the best fitness programs you'll find anywhere that I personally recommend.

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