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Methods for Power and Strength Training

The External Strength Training page takes my most targeted posts on developing the most external level of your muscular strength system.

You want to build muscle? Of course, that's the goal for most people involved with strength training.

But how about tendon strength? Bone density? Functionality and endurance? 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body is a great program for developing all of the above, and the book Deceptive Strength also does a fantastic job of this.

Growing mounds of muscle that don't translate to real strength shouldn't be your goal, and that's not what you'll accomplish here.

What you WILL accomplish is building a powerful, functional physique from the inside out, that you can use for everyday function, athletic strength and power, or even competitive strongman training.

Your muscular system, as well as your skeletal system, is not designed to hold the large amount of muscle that bodybuilders develop with such speed.  

Your nervous system must adapt to the amount of muscle you have, and your bones and tendons become overstressed because of having insufficient time to develop relative to your muscle development.

So when you train, you have to cause positive stress to all levels of your physique, which most training just does not do.  I'll show you the path to true strength training, to show how truly powerful the human body can become.


How To Exercise - Love to get started exercising, but don't know where or how to start? Get started here.

Don't Train Like An Idiot - Sacrificing your health in a quest for strength will lead you to self destruction. 


Muscular System - This article entails a brief description of what the muscular system is and how your training will affect it.

Muscle Control - Learn to develop your skill at contracting, relaxing, and isolating your muscles for maximum strength and recovery.

Functional Muscle vs Aesthetic Muscle - Can big muscles really be functional muscle? Of course, and find out why! Learn to maximize strength and be more than a "big man in a suit of armor."

Muscle vs. Strength - Training for muscle and training for strength will take you down different paths, but where do those paths intersect? Learn about attaining one while training the other, and more. 

Flex Harder - Flexing, a trait generally associated with aesthetics and bodybuilders, can be the true key to bursting through strength plateaus and improving your strength training.

Six Pack Abs - Having a tight, ripped six pack seems like a fantasy for most people, but building a six pack is simple. Here are six tips for a strong six pack.

Lower Back Pain - A weak or injured lower back shouldn't have to stop your from doing what you want. Here are some tips and exercises for ridding yourself of lower back pain for good.

Now, I don't promote many programs promising to build incredible amounts of muscle, because very few of those programs promise the most important aspect to me: function. 

That being said, I do recommend Massive Functional Muscle by professional strongman Bud Jeffries, because the program lives up to it's name: helps you pack on pounds of muscle, but still have the function and athleticism of a lean athlete.

Tendons, Bones, Ligaments

Isometrics - Uncover the mysteries of one of the best strength training programs to date.

Partial Lifts - Partial lifts are one of the most productive additions you can make to your training regimen. Under the misconceptions lies a great method for obtaining true strength.

Tendon Training - Tendons are the natural shock absorbers and force drivers of your body. Learn how they work and to employ their full strength.

Strength Training for Kids - Strength training is a great way to stay fit, build great strength, and develop a healthy immune system. So why is there a stigma when it comes to training for children? Learn the truth here!


Cardio Can Kill or Build - Cardio is a great way to improve fitness and strengthen your heart. Or is it? Learn the truth behind this training.

Rehabilitation - Has an injury made you fearful of training? Read here to learn how to recover from and overcome that injury! Bonus info on maximizing your health with diet.

Don't Rest On Rest Days - See how active recovery will not only increase your endurance, but speed up your workout recovery.

Weight Training

Weight Training - Learn the ins and outs of what weight training entails and how to perform it properly without injury, and with maximum results.

Partial Lifts - Partial lifts are one of the most productive additions you can make to your training regimen. Under the misconceptions lies a great method for obtaining true strength.

Perfect vs. Imperfect Form - Is perfect form always the way to go? Learn more about the potential benefits of imperfect form.

Kettlebell Workouts - Learn the techniques required to build awesome explosive strength using fast, intense training sessions.

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