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Strength Training for Athletes - Learn the methods of strength training that will put you over your competition -- every time!

Few things in this world build community and motivate a person better than competition. Sports are a great and entertaining show of camaraderie and physical fitness. Yet, with all the fun, winning is generally the priority. Naturally, athletes require a great deal of training for such high impact activity, not just to perform at impressive levels, but also to prevent injuries when doing so. You will improve your performance in your sport by practicing these various strength training methods (and by practicing your actual sport of course.)

One of the biggest and most frightening risks to an athlete is the risk of tearing a tendon or ligament. A tear of this nature is easily a career-ending injury for an athlete. There are ways you can train to prevent or completely eliminate the risk of this happening. Supports are a great way to start; they will improve the stability of you sense of balance. Supports are isometric in nature, so if you contract your muscles maximally during the weight support, you can force your body into releasing large amounts of human growth hormone. This naturally encourages your body to heal itself with tremendous speed, but also to reinforce itself to prevent further injury. This makes you a strong, speedy tank when it comes to your sport.

Want that extra edge on your competition? Practice lifting odd objects! Lifting objects such as kettlebells (Logan Christopher has a great program on kettlebell training, which you can see here), Atlas stones, tires, logs and so forth helps your body to strengthen its stabilizing muscles that are often undertrained. Doing so will help you to have a simple yet powerful advantage over your friendly (or sometimes not so friendly) competition.

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Furthermore, moving meditation is a very effective way to improve an athletes performance. When competitions arise, you may not have an adequate amount of rest for your best play. Moving meditation will help to warm your muscles and improve blood flow to encourage healing. More importantly, it helps to relax your muscles and mind, which is important for your performance and endurance in your arena. Read my article on Moving Meditation for more information.