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Strength Training For Kids

Strength training has fantastic benefits for your health, power, relaxation, and vitality. Yet, there is a huge stigma about allowing kids to exercise, weight lift, etc., even while allowing the kids to detriment their health with fast food and inactivity.

Furthermore, many people will allow their kids to participate in high impact sports, which is much more potentially detrimental to the growing frame of a young child than strength training. Indeed, using heavy weights with a child can be a risk to his or her health if done incorrectly.

But that does not account for all aspects of strength training. That is a simple safety manner; children find creative ways to bring harm to themselves in most activities without instruction. Giving the child guidance will transform the results you see.  

A lot of these stigmas are born from paranoia or improper instruction to the child. If the child is given a proper strength training direction to head in, he or she can grow up much stronger than average people their age.

Isometrics and bodyweight training are two great places for kids to begin their strength training journeys. Both training styles will only affect the kid up to their current strength level. This means that they won't be overloaded with a weight that is too heavy or stressful to handle, so there is minimal risk of injury.

Another great, low risk way to train kids is with partial weight training. It can give them a wonderful foundation of strength to carry throughout their lives. They will grow up stronger, quicker, and healthier than a great deal of their peers because of strength training.

In fact, strength training is a much safer and healthier way to keep kids active than most impact sports that kids do. High impact sports can cause immense trauma and inflammation to a child's underdeveloped joints and connective tissues.

A ligament or tendon tear at a young age can mean life long complications. On the other hand, strength training of the muscular system builds the connective tissue, so kids will be much more likely to grow up stronger and healthier. 

You can do very well weight training a child at a young age too, but you cannot teach the child bad lifting habits, as that can be much more detrimental to a child than an adult if damage occurs. If you have minimal knowledge of weight training, it will be best for you not to weight train the child.

It's ever more critical now to train our kids because their genetically modified diets with chemically enhanced water and polluted air threatens their health as much if not more than it threatens our own. Strength training for kids will always be superior to training them to endure multiple hospital visits for preventable health reasons.

Maxick, a profound physical culturist years ago and undoubtedly the best muscle controller in history was able to survive his debilitating childhood illnesses through strength training, and subsequently became one of the most powerful men alive. Your child may not become the next Maxick, but they will truly gain a near superhuman level of strength and health if you train them young.

This should also be an active process for you. This means that you must be a positive influence for your kids. You will have to become a true leader by example and so your true interest in strength training, in a safe and effective manner, for them to do the same.

If thoughts are real forces, your actions are the catalysts that translate those thoughts to real life, and your children will react to that. Be the catalyst that will engage you and your children to reach better health. Even though you may not become “strongest in the world”, you just might inspire the young mind and body that will.

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