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What You Don't Know About Supplements Can KILL You...

Not all dietary supplements are created equal. In fact, some are downright detrimental to your whole body. If you aren't careful about what supplements you're taking by who, you might be in for a world of hurt.

The FDA only has a budget to test about 1,000 dietary supplements a year. The problem is that there are roughly 85,000 supplements on the market, with more new ones coming out each year. Some come out as fads that are the “new secret for XYZ”. Some of these, such as TrenaDrol-X, are actually more harmful than good.

TrenaDrol-X by Kilo Sports is a dietary supplement that was reported to give “extreme strength increases”, build “lean muscle mass” and develop “strong androgen” in its users. In fact, this supplement, along with three others, were recalled because their actual active ingredients were steroids.

This is far from the only example. There were recalled supplements that actually just had Viagra in them, and an enhancement supplement that received industry awards was recalled because it had the active ingredient of Cialis in it. Weight loss pills to vitamins all can fall under the network of fradulent supplements, some of which have side effects of liver failure, stroke, and death.

The problem is that it can be difficult to pin down which supplements are fraud and which are fruitful. Supplements don't require safety testing like medications do, so I could go make a supplement right now and sell it on the market (I assure you that if I ever did such a thing, it wouldn't be without research and it wouldn't be fradulent.) It's harder when people make up new names for old ingredients, which confuses buyers and officials alike; there are over 200 different names for testosterone, for example.

This shady business can not only mess up someone's health, but also a career. Imagine a competitive athlete who takes a supplement with a banned substance in it unknowingly. One drug test would be the end of that athlete's whole livelihood, and they might have no clue why. With such tricky business, how do you know what supplements to take?

Well, my personal solution is don't take any, you don't need them anyways. But I know that some of you will try to take some anyways for whatever reasons, so I'll at least try to steer you in the right directions

Logan Christopher, the physical culture Renaissance man, has a full array of all natural herbs that he sells that you can take speed up your own fitness goals. Elliot Hulse, competitive strongman and powerlifter, has a list of 5 supplements that he personally recommends. If you know at least one leading fitness authority or competitive athlete who takes a supplement, you may be better off than playing supplement roulette and landing yourself in no man's land.