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by Josh

I had actually been looking into isometrics when I found your site and was reading up on some of the things you had written. I lifted weights about 2-3 years ago for several years and I made good results, but I also was getting tendonitis a bit from it, so I felt like maybe isometrics may be the ideal way to train for me since it builds up the tendons. I just didn't know what program to use, how to go about them, or how to do them without them being super intense on me at first. I'm sure I'll need some that are lower in intensity starting out so I don't make old injuries worse.

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May 11, 2016

by: Jarell

No problem Josh! Yes, the isometrics will be great for regaining tendon strength after an injury. If you're looking into the 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body program, which trains three planes of movement, I suggest you only train the two strongest planes of movement until your tendon recovers. That will ensure that your muscles are trained, and that your tendons get stronger. Also, as the program is all about intensity, don't go all out on the first couple of workouts; try medium (around 60%) intensity for slightly longer than the recommended 7-12 seconds.

If you still want to lift weights, try lifting in your strongest range in a partial lift (for instance, curling a weight in the last 2-3 inches of a movement) until your tendons heal. Be sure to always allow adequate rest time when you exercise so that your body can recover from each workout.

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