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Top 5 Isometric Exercises

Did you know that Bruce Lee was a fan of isometric exercise? That's right, Bruce Lee was known for his powerful, sinewy strength in spite of his size; one of the best ways to both strengthen your muscle control and your sinews is through isometric training.

It is well known how extensively Bruce Lee scrutinized his training routine; just as he spoke of in his philosophies on "daily decrease", Bruce searched for the most effective and efficient manners of strength training for his specific goals.

From oldtime strongman books on physical culture and grip training, to more contemporary texts on bodybuilding, Bruce left no stone unturned in his quest for incredible strength and lean functional muscle.

Why, then, if Bruce Lee's program was under such a keen eye, were isometric exercises a part of his program? Not only that, but isometrics became a staple of his training routine, having 8 isometric exercises that he performed once a day.

It's be because isometric exercises work, especially when taking into account the level of isometric strength developed from the steel cord-like tendons and ligaments trained through isometrics.

In fact, the 8 isometric exercises that Bruce Lee performed every day were:

  • OH Press (Lockout)
  • OH Press (Start)
  • Toe Raise
  • Pull (Upright Row)
  • Parallel Squat
  • Quarter Squat
  • Shoulder Shrug
  • Deadlift

While reading the list of Bruce Lee's top isometric exercises, I thought I'd share a video of the top 5 isometric exercises from one of the foremost leading experts of isometric training in the world, Batman O'Brien. 

I perform the exercises in the video below as often as I can because they happen to also be some of my favorites, but my top 5 list looks a bit different. Check out the video below, comment your top 5 exercises (isometric or not), and soon I'll post what my personal top 5 are and why.


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