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Unyielding Conviction - Be Yourself In the Face Of Adversity

Bruce Lee showing his knowledge and sincerity to Pierre Berton

"You've got to admit that you are a superstar, you're not gonna...if you're gonna give me the truth..." - Pierre Berton while pointing a demanding finger at Bruce Lee

"I am, now, I'm honestly saying this, okay? Yes, I have been very successful, okay? But, I mean, I do not think of myself as a star." - Bruce Lee

We've all been in that position; you present your opinion, confidently, about yourself or a topic that you're passionate about, and someone shuts you down, because there's no way that could be your REAL opinion, right?


Well, the Bruce Lee interview with Pierre Berton begs to differ. There are many philosophical gems in that interview, yet the short exchange above stuck out to me amongst others.

Pierre Berton addresses Bruce Lee's rise to superstardom in the acting world, which Bruce Lee contests because he doesn't agree to being seen as a "star" for the pure ambiguity of the term.

That all so familiar situation arises for Bruce; I mean, there's no way you couldn't admit you're a star Bruce, you'd have to be blind and deaf to ignore that...

...Bruce Lee holds true to his conviction, to his view of himself, with no room for Pierre Berton or even the rest of the world to define him.

THAT is unyielding conviction. Having enough faith in your own beliefs, and having enough solidarity for yourself that no matter how popular an opinion is about you or something you believe in, you don't allow that to define the way you see yourself.

We all have quiet, nagging thoughts that scratch at our consciousness when we agree to something that doesn't sit well with us or match our personas.

Give those voices power. Allow them the volume they deserve, because those voices, no matter how absurd they sound to others, constitute the most sincere version of yourself that they've never seen or heard. 

To have conviction, you MUST have clarity. You know better than anyone who you are, but if you've suppressed this inner voice for so long to conform to others' views of you, you'll lack the mental clarity to show solidarity for your thoughts.

This inner voice may be hiding under layers of consciousness, but it is ever present. Whenever you hear a quiet, nagging thought to truly express yourself, try to purposely pick out and amplify that thought habitually. Let your inner voice be clear and confident, and your outer voice will be the purest version of you ever known, because it will be the most genuine expression of yourself.