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Valor Body Spray Review - Increases Testosterone with Each Use

Okay, not really.  Valor Body Spray will not increase your testosterone, or make your spontaneously produce chest hair, or have any affect on the tone of your voice. However...

I had been seeing and hearing some buzz about Mike Bruce's new body spray that he was selling. Now, if you know or have heard of Mike "The Machine" Bruce, you'd know that he is very good at what he does...which is essentially everything strength related.

He's a strongman, wrestler, jiujutsu fighter, boxer, professional speaker, personal trainer, a Christian gentleman with honor, and a partridge in a pear tree. He does everything, and he's the real deal - no tricks or gimmicks, just pure, raw strength. Oh, did I mention that he's got literally the strongest neck in the world, strong enough to bend metal on?

But I digress...

The man has many talents, and making body spray is not one that I ever thought he'd add to that list. I mean, not every athlete's attempts at branching out of their field yields good results (Shaq's Arizona Teas, anyone?)

But oh, is it on the list. I saw some pretty powerful people as well as everyday people giving Mike Bruce's body spray great endorsements, so I figured I'd give it a try. It's only $15, so I wouldn't be overly distraught about spending the money if it didn't live up to the hype...

...it didn't live up to the hype. It went beyond. Valor Body Spray has a great, subtle, but decidedly robust scent that's perfect for any guy in need of a body spray that others will love. I'll cut out all exaggeration and hyperbole and say straight fact: Valor Body Spray is thus far the best smelling body spray that I've ever used.  

It was absolutely worth every cent, and I'm already saving up to buy some as Christmas presents for some of my friends and family. I don't know what Mike Bruce puts in that spray (probably the tears of some ancient forest phoenix), but I know that you shouldn't hesitate to go purchase some RIGHT NOW.

I sprayed Valor Body Spray on myself once and I was instantly able to do a freestanding handstand pushup. Okay, my training might have had a little to do with that, but at least I smelled great while doing it. You can too, and I honestly recommend that you do -- Go buy some right now and see for yourself.