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Healthy Tips for A Vegan Thanksgiving

By Melody Schoenfeld

If you know me, you know I am a holiday slut. If there’s food, presents, good intentions, and good company involved, I’m in. Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. My tradition every year is to have a huge vegan dinner for anyone who doesn’t already have a place to go (or anyone who does, but wants to stop by anyway). I also donate to Farm Sanctuary’s “Adopt-a-turkey” program.

What was that? Did I say “vegan?”

Heck yeah, I did. I have been a strict vegan for 14 years, and it’s not only done wonders for my psyche (I can’t stand the thought of causing harm to another living creature), but it’s also done wonders for my health (my bloodwork has never been better, and I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been). And as far as I’m concerned, stuffing bread into the anal cavity of a dead bird is no way to celebrate a holiday.

So what, then, does one eat on Thanksgiving if not turkey?

Well, quite a lot, actually. Every year, I make a huge spread of at least 9 dishes and 9 desserts (I’m an overachiever, I know). And even if you don’t want to do the Tofurky thing, there are plenty of other options. This year, on my table, I’ll be making sautéed delicata squash, my famous dilly mashed potatoes (with skin, please), macadamia-coconut mashed sweet potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, vegan Matzo ball soup (‘coz Chanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year, and I am all-inclusive; I use chia seeds to bind the matzo balls), cornbread, cranberry-apple sauce, vegan stuffing (I use 2-day-old sourdough bread, celery, mushrooms, carrots, garlic, onions, and veggie broth; I might throw in some Field Roast vegan sausage this year just for fun), sautéed collard greens with onions, raisins, and orange sauce, and much more. Not to mention the three kinds of vegan pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, pecan pie balls, and the other 8 skillion desserts I’m planning. It’s going to be a good year. Here are some pix from last year’s table:

All I’m really going to do here is give you easy links to wholesome, healthy, and delicious recipes I know of online. Add some of these to your spread, and carnivores and vegheads alike will rejoice:





Let me know how it goes!