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Fitness videos are some of the best expressions of physical culture around. Reading articles on instructions or seeing pictures of strength feats doesn't quite match the feeling of seeing them live, but videos are the next best thing, because you can watch them over and over, alter your own form accordingly, see and understand the technique, and try some of the exercises or feats yourself.

Some of these feats are dangerous and intended for professionals; if you see a video of a professional strongman doing something like bending steel nails, or a barhitter doing a human flag from an elevated gate, don't attempt to replicate those feats unless under the care and practice of a professional. 

There are a multitude of things that can be considered strength feats, and at varying levels of difficulty. These can range from fingertip pushups or phonebook ripping, to lifting incredible weights or steel bending, and more. Check out whichever ones move you, or check out all of them, below!

Part 1 of me rolling a frying pan with my hands under the coaching of @hairculese and @ericjmoss. Such fun!

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Part 2, took a bit of tenacity to keep the roll going in the middle, but once it was going, I wasn't gonna stop!

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More to come!