Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

Virtues of The Strong Gentleman – Learning to Eliminate Ego

Kind people have a moral obligation to be strong, and strongmen should all be gentlemen. Any kind of power can tempt someone to take advantage of those without it, and physical power is often the most abused. Perhaps if you've once been taunted, and then became very physically strong, you'd feel inclined to return every tear you've shed to your enemies. But that's not true strength, and at that point you've already let the bullies win.

Instead, use the power you've earned to inspire and protect those who don't protect themselves (note that I didn't say CAN'T); and feel free to show off a little from time to time ;). Be classy with your new found power, and honestly the art of being a gentleman was molded by the strong innovators of the past. Inspire those around you to be in control of their own power, to emulate your kindness and, essentially, to (excuse the language) be strong without being a dick about it.

Big Fish, Small Pond

A power trip can happen pretty easily with no competition. If you're the strongest guy in the room, you might feel like you're entitled to whatever your strength can get you. You can crush dissent with brute force, so who shall you fear? Yourself, quite frankly. Being a big fish in a small pond is no testament to your strength or achievements; neither is taking from others to have your own, just because you have the strength to.

You may be big man in your small town, but head to college, or to another town, and you may find some people who can top your own strength. What do you do then, get stronger and try to bully them? Cry and feel inferior? Yes, you should look to get stronger, but look to find comfort in that strength alone, not in it's misuse. No, you should never feel inferior, but always keep an open mind in order to learn from those with more experience. It can truly benefit you moving forward.

You Won't Last Long

After all, moving forward is what we all like to do, but chances are that you'll have very short-lived progress if your ego outgrows you. Networking and communication is one of the greatest ways to success, and it benefits a community rather than just one person. However, some etiquette should be observed when working with a group of people. For instance, if you try to work in a group when you think you're better than everyone there, you'll try to dominate the meeting, and anyone else's contributions will be unimportant to you. This'll only slow group progress, unless the rest of the group decides not to work with you.

Work with the group as though they were the last people you'll ever see. The way you view their presence, and their contributions, will change, and the experience will feel much more important to you. And manners never hurt anybody.

Even if you wanted to work alone, you could end up hindering your own progress. If Kanye West was able to work in groups, you can learn to work in groups too. Don't let your ego get in your way. If you think that you're the strongest, your desire to progress to greater heights of strength will be near impossible, because your strength level is subjective to your environment instead of yourself.

If hearing that you won't last long got you a bit upset, good. That means you're starting to think about yourself. That'll do you some good in the long run.

Who Are You In This For?

If you want to get strong, don't get strong for revenge, for domination, or for any purpose that leads you on a path to self destruction. Become strong because you want to be strong. Become strong because you want to see how far your own body and strength can go. When you take your lens and point it inward instead of to others, you will truly begin to see the benefits of your training, mentally and physically. Your training will become a path of self discovery, and you can truly grow to love yourself and others more. You won't be nearly as affected by the negative environmental influences; instead, you'll learn to take the positives into account because when you are truly passionate about yourself, your only thoughts will be for self growth.

That is what being a gentleman is truly about – discipline and growth of oneself. Don't pretend to be polite or a gentleman just to get benefits from others; people can see through that like a polished glass window. Be sincere with yourself, and seek to make yourself the best that you can be, without trying to make yourself better than everyone else.  Because honestly, if you're a dick with your strength, you're no stronger to me than a second grade bully. If you have strength of character, you have true strength, and that strength is universal.