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Weight Lifting Feats - Strong Men and Women Working With Heavy Weights

Weightlifting is an art in itself separate from strength. You may be strong or powerful, but still unskilled at weight lifting. To truly excel at weight lifting, you need to do consistent practice to improve strength, coordination, and overall control in those movements. As with anything, you need to progressively make the weights heavier, or the leverage harder, if you're looking to progressively get stronger. The possibilities of weight lifting are incredible, and the results speak for themselves: improved strength, musculature, health, efficiency in many movements, pain reduction, and much more.

Thus, when there are people who can manage to weight lift with really heavy weights, one truly begins to admire the dedication put into the training to reach that level of strength.  Here are some examples of such powerful people, lifting heavy weights like it's a lifestyle. Because strength is a lifestyle.

103 LBS Melody Schoenfeld Does 255 LBS Deadlift

700 LBS Half Squat by Bud Jeffries

Bud Jeffries Does Hammer Curls with 160 LBS Dumbbells 

120 LBS Dumbbell Snatch by Logan Christopher