Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

Willing to Be the Weakest (VIDEO)

On my personal pursuit for strength

Mike Gillette (best selling author, counter-terrorism expert, professional strongman, high caliber bodyguard, Guinness World Record holder and more) wrote an article that resonated with me very much.

You see the list of occupations and accolades attributed to a man like Mike Gillette, and you generally don't think "weak". Each of his biceps resemble Ayers Rock in size and shape.

Not even kidding

Yet, in this article, Mike opened up about a time when he suffered from weakosis. A time when he made a lifestyle decision that permanently altered his future path. A time when Mike Gillette was willing to be the weakest person in the gym.

Of course an article like that would resonate with me. I mean, I'm a strongman who's relatively new to the art, surrounded by veteran strongmen who've been training and performing in the industry since before I was born. Mike Gillette himself is one of those people.

You could count the rings in his neck to prove it but...good luck getting through there.

I started this website in June 2013, and I was much weaker then than I am now. Imagine a weaker version of myself starting a website to tell the world why he was confident in the training style he promotes.

It's intimidating, if nothing else.

Still, I carried on, and I will continue to do so. 

Just as Mike Gillette so aptly put, you have to be "willing to be the weakest" at something if you have a true desire to be the strongest.

And now...our feature presentation!

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