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Workout Equipment

Be forewarned; the workout tools on this page are not for the faint of heart. No, these are for those who are truly committed to obtaining a level of strength beyond most mortal beings. The incredible strength of connective tissue and nervous energy that these tools will give you is incredible, so try one or try them all! You will truly appreciate it.

Sledgehammer Training

Boxers, wrestlers, construction workers, lumberjacks, and more know the true power that can come with the powerful chopping/slamming movement that you train with a sledgehammer. A great deal of the incredible power in Jack Dempsey's back and fists came from this sledgehammer training.

Grip Training

From a firm handshake to bending steel, a powerful grip is something that any and everyone can admire and benefit from. Train your grip for super strength using these tools.

Indian Clubs

From the powerful Pehlwani wrestlers to modern physical culturists, these Indian clubs will boost shoulder stability, grip strength, coordination, injury rehabilitation, and overall enjoyment.


From ferocious weapon to fierce training tool, the heavy mace's leverage and weight will develop body strength in new and incredible ways.

The Mass Suit

Using resistance bands and research in muscle memory, this full body suit will build full body strength and fast twitch muscle quickly. Your cardio will improve, your bodyfat will be torched, and you will have the performance edge over competition in any sport.


This is the dumbbell's ballistic and dynamic brother. The extended and off-center grip makes the kettlebell ideal for swinging, snatching, or pressing movements, all which require full body cooperation. Your core, grip, back, legs, and full body can benefit from the exercises these kettlebells can provide you.

Plateau Buster Swing Handle

A sturdy T-handle can help with snatches and swings, and will help you to speed through plateaus with surprising effectiveness.

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